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I worked for supercuts for years, and loved the company at first. I think it depends on who your managers are. After a few years we got a new "Senior District Leader" -Sara Lapointe / Huppman. She is the most awful human Ive ever met in my life. She ran our stores into the ground, as she was a manager from Smartstyle in Walmart when she took the position, and couldnt have been more than 24 or so. We wouldnt not get lunch breaks more often than... Read more

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I purchased 2 large bottles of shampoo and 2 large bottles of conditioner and liked one but hated the other. The corporation didn't stand behind there product and I would NEVER purchase again. They wouldn't exchange this product for another.

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I went in with a coupon for $2 off my haircut. After handing my beautician the coupon she told me it was $11, that is what I pay all the time. So I questioned it and she told me that because I get a discount already I couldn't have both. I always pay $11 for my Haircut, the kids haircut is a different price. A haircut for anyone under 65 is $13 but they get the $2 off. We as seniors do not. That doesn't seem fair as the $11 is the standard... Read more

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I'm a Cosmetologist for 48 yrs. owned two salons in beaver county. then I GOT ill had to close then I got Married got better, got a job at BORIC'S in ECONOMY, BEAVER County.. I never worked with bad ladies in my life..Sharon Smiley, went around showing PICTURE nasty ones of a man with his *** in a glass of booze...I told her about it then she said to Marieanne Pedaline, then SHARON SMILEY, said I am going to KILL lily she has to got I am also... Read more

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After working in a few salons for nearly 9 years - some wildly big but indiviusally owned and others corporate owed, I have never met such a malice and repulsive woman to this day. I first thought she had to make other peoples life a living ***, but after a few months of employment gained the first person experience - she loves doing it and seeks the thrill and delight. I have no ideal how she can freely go around making stylists life's a... Read more

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That very thing, my rights violated, happened to me when my mother past. A few weeks prior to her passing I fell ill, provided the required Doctor's note. I was then terminated after requested and approved the needed time off due to the personal / family tragedy, Regis Management 'wrote me up' for 'failure to provide a Doctor's note for the sick day' in addition to 'no call no show' during my mother's passing.... Read more

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I worked for Borics Haircare for 7 years. For the last 5 years managed a location that was the slowest location in the area I was in. I brought that store out of the hole at -$30,000 to +$10,000 in 9 months time. Through those 5 years, the salon had its ups and downs by way of poor economy and there was a fire in my plaza in May of 2013 that hurt our plaza as a whole. We survived by add on services. Then in March of 2014, my only two stylists... Read more

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I've been working here for a year and a half. It's a money hungry corporation. They careless about me. All they care about is numbers and how much retail I sell. My coworkers are whores, alcoholics, potheads and cokeheads. The only reason I work there because I have bills and rent to pay. I really love doing hair and been doing it for four years now. I know I could work at another salon but it's hard building your clientele. And just... Read more

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About 6 yrs ago I went to Holiday Hair Salon to get a cut and color all went well until I was leaving the salon. They have rows of chairs set up along the wall with a huge display of products in the middle this display was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall filled with products that they sell, the walk way between the chairs and display was only about 2 1/2 feet wide if that, as I was leaving there was a large puddle of water on the floor that... Read more

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Regis Corporation runs sweat shops. Human Rights? Naw. They got tricks!...One of the most famous is getting stylists to quit. Managers can not make decisions, really. The best way I heard it described (by a Regis Corp. Salon Manager) was babysitting. If corporate wants you gone, for, oh, maybe actually expecting your Human Rights, the "Write-Up's" begin. Then if you quit cuz it's total BS, they don't have to pay Unemplyment... Read more

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