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I was a part-time employee in the SmartStyle store I was working in. After the manager put in a two week notice two other stylist put in their notice.

Leaving me there to work alone. I was reassured someone would be hired as soon as possible. I had to immediately go to full-time no pay raise! I was at least given the choice of having Wednesday off and what other day I chose Sunday.

I still did all the work; aside from helping customers with their retail purchases I also had to read stock the shelves, clean the floors, clean the mirrors, clean the stations, clean the back room, set up sales tables and keep them tidy. Advertise for clients, keep good relations with the Walmart store manager. I would come in early to start laundry fold towels Etc and then I would stay late to stock shelves. I basically could only do 10 to 12 clients a day period less if there was a color or a perm.

I worked so hard I ended up in the hospital. Because I had work so hard I had caused my resistance levels to go down and contracted e-coli in my bloodstream and my liver. I spent three days in ICU and two more days in the hospital for observation. I had to have a PICC line installed in my right arm that went directly to my heart so I can administer antibiotics through that every day for another 10 days.

During that time the new market area manager got angry with me and fired me! She over the phone, ordered me out of the salon and told me not to return that I was banned from entering that salon. A few moments after I hung up the phone she texted me telling me to leave my keys. As far as I was concerned she fired me for all intense and purposes.

I was sure at the time she had just been angry and was going to call me and say I'm sorry please just let me know when you can return. I never got that call nor did I get a call from the regional director either. I contacted my boss and told her that I needed to file workers comp claim. I have not heard anything from Regis Corp or SmartStyle or the manager there or the regional or any other person.

I'm having a very difficult time getting in touch with HR. It's as if they don't exist. The funny thing was that market area manager that fired me was suspiciously transferred 70 miles away to another market area. Still no contact with a regional or with Regis Corp whatsoever.

I have a huge doctor bill a huge hospital bill and now another surgery related to that and I'm on the hook for it. With no job! Don't work there, just saying don't work there! They're poorly managed at least in the area that I live.

If you want to know what area that is you'll have to respond to my post. Everybody quits everybody is angry they all have the same complaints. Overworked underpaid underappreciated I could go on and on. I filed for unemployment and was told that it was reported that I quit due to being unhappy with working conditions.

That was a bold-faced lie! When someone orders you out of the place you work and tells you not to come back and that your band and leave your keys that is being fired!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Corporation Manager.

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No change no contact kicked to the curb buy a major corporation.

to denisealvarez57_34 #1414742

Hope you got a lawyer

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