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Complaint #982270i went in with waist length hair for a spiral perm my hair was burnt and choped to my shoulders with fore head burnt and neck .had to go to another beauty shop pay more to cut all my hair left to get burnt hair and a treatment i have little hair now cried for a week this happend on 23 was goin to ks for christmas and my hair was totaly ruined i feel ugly embarrased to go out in public.the beautician who tried to fix my hair after my disaster said worst mess in 20 years she seen.ive had go back twice now and will have to return till my hair is healthy againim devastated my husbands religion womens hair is nt to be cut now my hair dosent even touch neck or ears.i sat in front of walmart crying eyes out till husband came he was so mad and devastated when he seen what had happend.my family was shocked my hair was gone my hair was one of my prides.you could nt even get a comb through my hair neither could the beatician .the timmer set while waiting on perm went off i sat there for a bit waiting while ladys were planning there christmas treats for work.i will say the lady who was the manager was kind friendly but she never acknolged my hair being ruined till i seen it she seen my tears knew i was upset i had no curls nothing but fuzz burnt hair i truley believe she tried chopping out the burnt hair.it was horrifying when i seen it.still is.my husband politley pulled her out in store talked then she came out in front of walmart seen me cry she even teard up said"she dont no what happend and was sorry told me she would return money i said 80 dollars wasnt goin fix ugly and replace what she did chopping off hair

Product or Service Mentioned: Smartstyle Hair Perm.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Most of staff.

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