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Ok I want to first say that I started working as a beginner stylist for Regis in Enid Oklahoma 2007, in 2013 I became manager of that Regis . I loved my job , I took pride in my job and I worked hard to make sure we were successful .

In 2016 we closed , nor my friends whom were also managers of Okc they told me we were going to close but my district leader waited until three days prior to closing . Now she asked all of us to spend that weekend closing for her and she would give each of us 250 . We never saw that money . I also never got my manager bonus for that entire year .

You can pretty well assume how I feel about your corporation . Anyway I than work for a smartstyle here in Lawton ok , I worked there a short time and was offered a manager position so I gave my two weeks and quit .

Well today my friend who is venting on his own personal page about issues with a certain person lieing to his clients I decide to share this post to my ( own) personal page . This is my page and I can vent how I like and your entire crew from the smartstyle on Quanaparker decided to start drama publicly on my page including your district leader whom I m not even friends with I will be sharing all of this to everyone so that everyone knows what kind of people Regis corporation are .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Clean up your friends list and make sure your Facebook account is set to private.

to Anonymous #1381324
I did . I m just shocked that a district leader would act that way but than again I m happy to not work for this corporation :)
to Aprilflowers #1438346

Facebook & instagram is a very weird behaviour

to Anonymous #1438347

Facebook is fake

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