Regis Corporation runs sweat shops. Human Rights?

Naw. They got tricks!...One of the most famous is getting stylists to quit. Managers can not make decisions, really. The best way I heard it described (by a Regis Corp.

Salon Manager) was babysitting. If corporate wants you gone, for, oh, maybe actually expecting your Human Rights, the "Write-Up's" begin. Then if you quit cuz it's total BS, they don't have to pay Unemplyment benifits. I'm sure this story is as old as corporations are.

As far as computer or (credit card) tips, that's on the Up and Up. I like to think that there is a very, very special salon in the afterlife for Regis exects. Only former Regis Corp.

employees will work there. Here's to Hoping!

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I used to work there and since I quit and know the standards I went in one day to get some shampoo and conditioner because they do have some really nice sales, and when I went in the store was destroyed. So I made a complaint on google because I know that is where HR only looks not yelp or the Facebook page, the new manager at the location I worked at has threatened to sue me for complaining.

She has also hit my previous co workers and over charged clients and messed up my clients hair so I complained. So now I’m not Allowed to go in there. Went in there to give a previous co worker a birthday present and now I’m a disgruntled ex employee. All I did was go in and drop off a present.

Now the girls I worked with are worried They are going to get written up for even telling me the nasty things this new manager is saying about me. Its amazing how much this corporation lets employees and managers get away with.


They have now.....I10?


I went with my mother to Regis at Syracuse NY and the manager disrespect me when I asked her if they were hiring.Her answer to me was if I want to sweep her floor front everybody to me is disrespectful because I asked her for a job doing hair.


Regis is one of the worst places to work for!!! All over the world look like. I work on the coast need to Close All Salons remind you they still pay 7.25 (weird everybody has the same story SCARY).

Geneseo, New York, United States #1354471

Managers are picked by favorites- not based on education or training. Districts do not care about if bad service or stylist coming in high or hung over.

They don't care about quality or retaining good stylist. Huge turnover or salon closing don't matter

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1348225

I'm currently a stylist at Mastercuts in Texas , I've been with the company for a year and two months. I was fresh out of high school when I started working here.

I was looking for my first salon job to get training and experience. I was practically thrown into the floor knowing nothing because the manager didn't care to train me even when I asked for help! I had to rely on my co-workers for help in teaching me how to cut and color hair. When ever I messed up on someone's hair I was always blamed for not knowing anything when the whole time I was improperly trained!

Then as time went by my schedule started changing and my hours got cut tremendously! I had originally applied for full time which is 35-40 hours to 30 hours to 24-29 hours... My coworkers started quitting so they hired new people with perfect schedules while everyone else who has been here for years have to deal with terrible schedules. We have corporate people running the salons with no knowledge in hair and how the hair industry works!

It's a mess!!

If your looking for experience go for it but honestly this company doesn't deserve any one of you!! If we all stick together and go on a good old fashioned strike this company would definitely think twice about all the things they put us threw I'm pretty sure everything their doing is illegal!

to Anonymous #1454731

I totally agree with all of these comments. I have worked for holiday hair for 15years of my life, never a write up, never a disciplinary action nothing.

3 years afor things started to change in corporate, my manager of 10 years quit her job and got out. A new manager was brought in from a smart style and discuss now anything about a holiday hair. 9mo later.I was asked several times to take the position. After a fee more months of *** I took the manager position agean not bowing the new was they wanted everything done.

No training no back up. We were switched from district leader to district leader several times. Then we got one that tells me I don't give a *** about any of the girls in your shop or you, your all replaceable!! Wow really and becouse I had been working with these girls for so many years I put up with it.

After 15 years of torment and disrespect, and no raise.

I was fired two days ago with no explanation let go and told to pack my stuff and go. It's sad but it's not over.

to Anonymous #1521933

Omg like forreal...


This is what I am experiencing now I was just spend it due to given for extra family and friends discount in a month. You do not really keep track of how many you do.

As a hairdresser you just work behind that chair like a dog and you forget. Are your old manager told you you were allowed for per month.

I have never been late always on time rarely do I call out and this is what I deserve. Clean do the register which never came up short I'm a single mom thanks regis

Bouckville, New York, United States #1225871

I was an area supervisor. (Before they had district leaders) here's some info on this position.

You are to be "traveling corporate" be friendly with managers and stylists. Get them to talk to you. Become friends. Then...wait for it...you are told who to terminate.

There is no discussion. I resigned my position for 2 reasons, when I was told to terminate a stylist who could not work..she was grieving the loss of her adult son. I wouldn't do that. And I had to make a choice of either sitting with my child (a minor) in the hospital or traveling for work.

District leaders are the new area supervisors. But ultimately it comes from the top. In Minneapolis.

You can't argue with them. They replace you.

to Anonymous #1454734


Chicago, Illinois, United States #1208519

The manager of Smartstyle #319 in Fayetteville, AR straight framed me to get me removed. Wrote me up for things I didn't do.

MADE UP LIES! I refused to sign her write up. She is a lying poorly educated woman who can't even speak proper English yet is chosen to manage a salon....I spent all day hearing clients say she was rude, trashy, unprofessional, or had ruined their hair. She left us so understaffed we couldn't even take a lunch break or use the restroom which led to kidney infections Im still fighting months later.

This company is evil. Minimum wage paying thieves.

Marion, Illinois, United States #1179785

The Smart style Salon is horrible and have very rude managers,they also miss inform you about how you can pay. I was told that took Walmart credit cards but after my hair was dyed and trimmed,they would not accept the card,check or any or form of payment.

They should be closed down permanently!!!!!! Customer service representative very rude and hung up on me.


My district leader told me it was required to work at other salons that I was not hired in at. Which is a big step down from the salon I was hired in at.

Turns out she lied. I have been lied to a lot, and been super burnt out by all the traveling and hours I put in. I have even asked for a day off at the other salon and was denied. I also run and manage my own salon I felt as If I was doing her dirty work so she could have time off.

Also I covered shifts for my boss simply because she didn't want to come in to work.

The higher up in my district love to talk behind the stylists back.The motto of the salon is HAIR which begins with HONESTY. I would love if they would actually set an example of that

to Anonymous #1454741

Totally agree. Nothing I ever for from my leader was honest.

I was set up and let go 2 days ago with no warning and no reason. HR can't even give me a reason


I've been with Regis for 20 years and they will not give me management position. Five times I've tried and they always have a excuse.

They are now again looking for a manager and if I don't get it id like to go after them for discrimation , I will fight this to the end. Does anyone have any ideas?

to Anonymous #1300517

There doing the same to me.

to Anonymous #1422151

I have worked for SmartStyle for a year now. Even got a *** pin.

What I didn't get, however, was my $500 sign-on bonus. I've been told so many lies when I have inquired about it. Up until I started asking where my "sign-on bonus" was, there were fliers all over the store advertising for stylists wanted. I'm not letting this go.

I'm thinking small claims court. I can go anywhere and make $9/hr.


was working 40 hrs at smartstyle they hired new emp cut my hrs to 18 scheduled me 2 and 3 nights weekly. Do you think they are attemping to discourage me, to get me to quit.

LOL the new manager had 4 redo's that we know about. WOW whats up with that?????????????????????

is the manager supposed to know how to do hair?????????? JUST ASKING


well they screwed me over last week and took all my money so i havent been paid fir 160 hours work wtf man!!!! :(

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